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      Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient Express

      Agatha Christie has long been recognized as the master of detective novels. And her novel, 'Murder on the Orient Express' is one of her masterpiece. The setting in the snow covered Yugoslavia provides an ideal ambience for this detective novel to unfold. It poses several moral questions related to what is justice and how can morals justify an action. For the addicts of mystery and detective novels, Agatha Christie provides an exercise to your instinct and guessing capacity. The settings of the novel are inspired by Christie’s real life experience of travelling in the Orient Express and it lends authenticity to the novel. The readers can now enliven the whole situation and experience the surroundings that are recreated through words.

      Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie is a murder mystery that has a Belgian detective Hercule Poirot as the protagonist. It traces the story of the mysterious murder of a fellow companion of Hercule in the compartment of Orient Express on its way to London. It is interesting to find out who is involved behind the murder, what was the motive and if the mystery finally resolves at the end or leaves several questions unanswered. The moral dilemma and internal crisis that Hercule Poirot faces as he is on his duty of solving the murder mystery gives the story a compelling take. As Hercule Poirot is engaged into unravelling the mystery and unbridling the several connections of the passengers with the murder, the sense of anticipation is what keeps the readers hooked until the last page. The book is available online at Amazon.in now.

      About the Author

      Agatha Christie was one of the most well-known novelist, playwright and short story writers of all time. She is thought to have revolutionized the mystery genre. Her forte had been the genre of crime fiction, detective, murder mystery and thriller. Still, she had penned 6 romantic novels as well under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott. Her carefully crafted plots and the twist and turn in the plot keep the reader engaged from first page till the last. She is often referred to as Queen of Crime. The Last séance, The Witness for prosecution, Murder for Christmas and Then There Were None are some of her best novel . She is has been called the highest selling author of all time. She was awarded the title of Dame in 1971 for her significant contribution in the field of literature.



      Agatha Christie


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